Mithya has been around for many years and has touched many people's lives personally and professionally.
As everything changes with time, Mithya is currently being merged with to give it more dynamism with new facilities like blogging. We will continue to retain the content in Mithya and create meaningful links between the the contents of both the sites.

We focus on:

  • Thinking in three dimensions
  • Strategic thinking and strategy development
  • Executive/leadership development programs
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Knowledge creation and management

Ours clients say that we help them to

  • Get unstuck
  • Discover passion
  • Demystify learning
  • Think creatively & systemically
  • Unlearn old mindsets
  • Increase innovative capabilities
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  • Pyramids - Pyramid articles, what pyramids are, how to use them and how to construct one for your custom needs.

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