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The Mithya Institute for Learning and Knowledge Architecture provides research based management consulting, design and training to organizations. Our focus is on researching and understanding the nature of learning. We apply what we learn in designing and consulting with companies to come up with strategy, executive/leadership development programs, frameworks and to increase creativity, innovation, team effectiveness and knowledge management in organizations.

In addition, we offer executive coaching, co-design and customize leadership and executive development programs to suit your organizational needs, design and development of training programs in the areas of learning, creativity and innovation, strategy and knowledge management. We have worked several Fortune 100 companies in USA and many multinational companies in India and UK.

Our mission is to research and apply innovative approaches to individual and collective learning and spark new thinking and new approaches to accelerate human/ organization development.

The Mithya Institute studies and works at the interface of:

(1) information/technology (learning that leads to tool building)and (2) transformation (learning that leads to wisdom).

Our vision is to ignite the natural genius in people, evoke passion for what they do and help build organizations that learn (and unlearn).

Our core competencies lie in integration of technology, deep understanding of how human beings learn and unlearn, and in our ability to communicate complex and difficult concepts in a simple manner and inspire others to break out of their mindsets and see new possibilities for themselves.

We integrate Indian and Western traditions, technological and multimedia design, as well as scientific and humanistic perspectives in our work.

Our unique approaches help our clients to identify what lies at the heart of change and to create a foundation for self/organizational transformation.

Welcome! Please feel free to explore our website! It contains many of our research findings in stories and articles form as well as some innovative multi-dimensional learning tools that you can print and make for yourself. Please send your feedback to mithyafeedback at kaipagroup.com and let us know what you think and how we may improve our website!


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