The Mithya Institute for Learning and Knowledge Architecture was formed to study and work at the interface of information/technology (learning that leads to tool building) and transformation (learning that leads to wisdom).

Since 1999, we provided research based management consulting, design and training to organizations. Our focus was on researching and understanding the nature of learning. We applied what we learnt in designing and consulting with companies to conceive strategy, executive/leadership development programs, frameworks and to increase creativity, innovation, team effectiveness and knowledge management in organizations.

After working with several Fortune 100 companies, leading institutions and non-profit organizations, we have gradually discovered the place where all our learnings are converging. We found that all our work has been at the intersection of Business, Science/Technology and Spirituality. To give this new understanding a new identity and to further explore this space, we have created Check it out! We will continue to retain the content in Mithya.

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Featured Highlights

We have created, a new identity that merges Mithya and SelfCorp to keep up with the new, dynamic web environment.

An article on new sciences and their impact on one physicist's life' is available in the learning section. Enjoy New Sciences: My Personal Perspective

An Application of Dialogue in Organizations is a case study we did a while ago in a healthcare organization. It begins with a dialogue on dialogue between two consultants and ends with comments from dialogue participants.

You can now read all the chapters of the book ''Igniting Your Natural Genius'' in the Learning section. Let us know what you think!

More Highlights

Abstracts have been added to Learning Central and Pyramids Central so that you can more easily choose the article that you want to read.

You can now read 'Designing Organizations that Learn: An Executive Guide to Learning'. This article was first published in Chinmaya Management Review, July 1998 issue.

An Interview with Thomas Grant, the manager of New Markets and Associations in Ford Motor Company on the use of pyramids.

Editors of Patterns newsletter interviews Prasad Kaipa in their new issue. You can read the interview Emerging Patterns in Business and Education on this site.

A Dialogue With My Son?


You can explore what it means to develop an enterprise in three dimensions through a systems thinking tool we have developed called Enterprise Development Pyramid.

You can now look at the 'Generational Sustainability' pyramid here at our Mithya site.

Draft of the article Application of Pyramid Building in Organizations: Aligning Strategy, People and Processes'describing the multidimensional learning approach that we have been developing.

You are unique spirit

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