Accomplishment Cycle

Being successful on a sustainable basis, in these days of shrinking cycle times, depends more on your inner sense of accomplishment and clarity of your intention and aspiration than just market opportunity and desperation to compete and succeed. It depends on four cornerstones: knowledge & skills, competence, capacity and intelligence.

These cornerstones, when interact result in passion, possibility, creativity and discovery phases and six core competencies that one needs to develop to bring accomplishment to bear. This systemic, interrelationships are mapped onto a tetrahedron (which we like to call a pyramid) that can be printed and made a three dimensional figure to be created. In addition, the four phases of accomplishment for a cycle which aptly are called accomplishment cycle.

Just like a PDCA cycle in quality improvement, Accomplishment cycle builds on each phase and repeated cycles bring repeated and sustainable success. In working with this cycle, we find asking oneself the following questions, help the learning process immensely:

Personal Reflection

  1. Which word attracts me the most on the accomplishment cycle?

  2. What do I see as blocks to moving through the accomplishment cycle?

  3. What am I /my team passionate about right now? What do I /my team have energy for, or get excited about, right now?

  4. What new possibilities do I see that I/my company can take advantage of?

  5. What will unleash creativity for me? What creative actions and generative steps that I can take to ground one possibility in my life/work?

  6. How do I reflect on my discoveries? And did any of my discoveries stimulate more passion for me?

For more information, you can send mail directly to co-designers of these tools: Prasad Kaipa, or Chris Newham,


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