Mithya Wheel

The Mithya wheel was developed for our clients to facilitate effective decision-making. We have used this wheel extensively in executive coaching to bring clarity and perspective.

You will find that the Mithya Wheel is an excellent tool for coming to good decisions about what's on your mind.

Mithya Wheel has two sides: One representing aspiration, and the other desperation. Keeping in mind the subject of your desired decision, find the word that most describes your current state and click on it. For a random question, click on the center of one of the wheels.

Confident - Accepting - Trusting - Open

Doubting - Closed - Anxious - Resisting

Mithya wheel can be best used if one wants to gain clarity, make better decisions, and understand oneself much better.

As you answer these questions, more of yourself (part of your tacit and unconscious mind) becomes available to you and you gain clarity around the issue that you have in front of you. Do not stay long with any question or answer or analyze what they mean. Please continue the exploration.

You move to 'Accepting', 'Trusting', and finally to 'Open' - reflecting on the questions. Please do not take any answers too literally and move quickly from one question to another without analysis. At that time, if you have no new insights, you move to the word that corresponds on the shadow side of the wheel (metaphorically, you flip the wheel to the word that is opposite), and click on 'closed' and sequentially move on to 'doubting', 'resisting' and 'anxious'. Make sure you come back to 'closed' again and make one final, quick pass on the bright side before you end. Never end your exercise on the shadow side without revisiting, at least for a few seconds, the bright side words even if you started on the shadow side first.

This process, if done quickly and without attachment to any one answer or state, should leave you with much more clarity and meaningful choice than when you began the process.

Visit the Mithya Wheel as frequently as you like and please do let us know how this Mithya Wheel was helpful to you. We would love to hear and to help.

For more information, you can send mail directly to co-designers of these tools: Prasad Kaipa, or Chris Newham,


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